Say Goodbye to Traditional Parking Management!

Drifter optimizes the usage of parking spaces and reduces the administrational tasks for property owners.

Drifter revolutionizes parking management through the integration of an AI-powered device called DrifterBOX. This cutting-edge technology automates various aspects of parking operations, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

DrifterBOX is designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse parking environments, making it compatible with all OCCP EV chargers available in the market. Its versatility ensures a hassle-free installation process for any type of parking space.

Equipped with intelligent sensors, DrifterBOX accurately identifies the vehicles, detects the occupancy status of parking spaces in real-time, and effectively monitors violations.

Dynamic Spot Pricing (DSP)


The prices of electricity can vary based on the supply and demand dynamics. As a result, setting fixed prices for EV charges may not be the most efficient approach.

With Drifter’s dynamic spot pricing feature, you can optimize the charging process by offering variable prices based on the real-time Nord Pool spot price. By aligning the charging rates with the electricity market conditions, you can effectively reduce peak load and enhance the overall efficiency of the charging infrastructure.

By leveraging Drifter’s dynamic spot pricing, you can take advantage of the fluctuating electricity prices and encourage EV owners to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours. This not only helps to balance the energy grid but also provides cost savings opportunities for EV owners.

Plug and Charge

Drifter offers a seamless and convenient charging experience for residents, tenants, and guests. Our smart sensor system ensures a safe and effortless process, eliminating the need for credit cards, RFID tags, or mobile apps.

With Drifter, all users have to do is simply plug in their electric vehicles to start the charging session. Our advanced technology identifies the driver automatically, streamlining the process and providing a hassle-free charging experience. This innovative “Plug and Charge” feature makes it incredibly convenient for users to access charging without any additional steps or authentication methods.


Real-time Environmental Data

Drifter provides real-time gathering and statistical analysis of environmental data. This powerful feature enables you to set environmental performance goals and generate comprehensive environmental monitoring reports for your estate. Notably, Drifter’s environmental data reports hold legal validity, making them suitable for compliance with current requirements set by the EU.

In addition to monitoring air quality and humidity levels, Drifter goes a step further by measuring and reporting sound levels. This innovative capability enhances security measures as any abnormal sounds are promptly detected by our advanced sound sensors.

With Drifter’s real-time environmental data tracking, you can proactively manage and optimize the environmental conditions of your estate. Drifter equips you with valuable insights and actionable information to create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable environment.

Digital Parking Permits for Your Residents
VIP Codes for Your Guests

With Drifter, you can provide digital parking permits to your residents, offering them a convenient experience. Additionally, VIP codes are available for your guests, ensuring seamless access to designated parking areas.

The flexibility of Drifter extends to pricing options for your parking slots and charging stations. You have the freedom to set different prices for various user groups and specific timeframes, allowing for dynamic and tailored pricing strategies.

Managing these parking and charging processes is effortless and secure with the Drifter Portal. Say goodbye to manual controllers and enjoy a streamlined approach to parking management. The Drifter Portal puts you in full control, enabling easy administration and monitoring of parking activities.


Drifter for Drivers

Enhance Your Parking Experience with Drifter: Tailored Solutions for Drivers

Parking and finding charging stations can be a hassle, requiring multiple apps and wasting time.

With the Drifter app, access EV charge stations and car parks in one place with a purposeful map. Simply swipe, choose your destination, and enjoy in-app navigation for a seamless experience.

No Pre-set Time Required

We understand that predicting parking duration can be challenging, especially in the unpredictability of city life.

With Drifter, you won’t be burdened with pre-setting your parking duration.

Simply swipe to start your parking session, swipe back to end it. Pay only for the time you actually stay.

It’s that simple.

Separate Business and Personal Usage with Drifter


Managing your parking and EV charging expenses is made easier with the Drifter app, as it allows you to distinguish between business-related and personal usage.

Simply add your company to the Drifter app by entering the business code in the “My Business” menu. This enables you to have all your business-related consumption conveniently invoiced directly to your company.

If you’re a business owner, contact us today to create your unique business code and streamline your parking and charging expenses.

Drifter is a key infrastructure of today, to build the future of the cities.

Drifter Offers 4 Main Motivations

Saving time

Offers you time-saving conveniences thanks to it’s autonomous infrastructure.

Saving energy

Supports balanced consumption of energy and helps you to get aware of your consumption in real-time.

Saving money

Reduces your existing expenses and provides extra income.

Saving planet

Promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and supports low-emission and climate-resilient development.


Let’s move towards a greener and simpler future together!

If you are interested, just let us know.